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Piling Mud Desanding Plant

Piling Mud Desanding Plant is the economic way for the mud recycling, it is popular for Bored Pile Slurry desanding plant, TBM slurry treatment, HDD (trenchless) as well as water well drilling etc.

Piling Mud Desanding Plant|Mud plant|Bored Pile Desanding Plant

Piling Mud Desanding Plant

Advantages of  Piling Mud Desanding Plant

1、The equipment for the modular design, compact structure, easy to put in the construction, convenient to move.
2、Effective separation of soil crusts, pore-forming efficiency is enhanced.
3、Mud reuse, which saves mud making materials, reduce the construction

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4、Mud closed-circuit circulation mode and low ballast material moisture content is helpful to reduce the pollution of the environment.

Piling Mud Desanding Plant Technical Parameters

Model  TRZX-50/25  TRZX-100/50  TRZX-200/50
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#000000;”> Fluids Capacity

 ≤50m³/h  ≤100m³/h  ≤200m³/h
 Sludge Treatment Capacity  ≤26T/h  ≤50T/h  ≤50T/h
 Separation Point  25μm  50μm  50μm
 Shale Shaker  TRZS753  TRZS753  TRZS753
 Screen Area  Uper: 700×1250
Down: 750×900*2
 Uper: 700×1250
Down: 750×900*2
 Uper: 750×900*2
Down: 700×1250*2
 Vibration Motor  1.0kW ×2  1.0kW ×2  1.5kW ×2
 Matching Pump  TRSB4×3-12J(15kW)  TRSB5×4-13J(30kW)  TRSB6×5-13J(30kW)
 Cyclones  DN100×4  DN250×1  DN250×2
 Tanks Dimension  2.1×1.5×1.2m  3.05×2.0×1.2m  3.6×2.1×1.2m
 Machine Dimension  2.2×1.6×2.6m  3.12×2.2×2.38m  3.7×2.2×2.54m
Remark  We can customerized desanding plant.

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